YACHT at the First Unitarian Church, Philadelphia, 2014.


YACHT — Where Does This Disco?
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New YACHT song! New YACHT song!


Our new song with rac, “405,” is an ode to driving in Los Angeles. It’s OUT TODAY on his new album “Strangers.” Get it on iTunes here: https://itun.es/i66t8zJ

New YACHT/RAC song!

YACHT at the Maverick Music Festival, San Antonio, TX, 2014. Photo by Scarcliff Photography.

In touring the world I’ve only ever sliced person-sized cross-sections through a massive simultaneity of experience. Like cuts in flesh, they heal up behind me, save for a few scars here and there where I might have managed to make contact, or where I ended up in the background of someone else’s holiday snapshot. On some scale, this is true for everyone. ‘What is life,’ wrote George Satayana in his essay ‘The Philosophy of Travel’ (1964), ‘but a form of motion and a journey through a foreign world?’
Claire L. Evans, on touring, for Aeon Magazine

Songs of The Week: With Special Guest Claire L. Evans!

Off stage, you’ll never see EMA’s Erika M. Anderson or YACHT’s Claire L. Evans less than six feet tall. But what they do with their height on stage is interesting. At a recent show at the Sett, Evans channeled Robyn or mid-80s Nick Rhodes with her white suit, leotard, wedge heels, and matching platinum coif. At around the same time, I also caught EMA at the Frequency. Anderson was quietly holding court in grungy clothes and reddish-brown hair—a departure from the dark-rooted blonde dye job I saw her sporting at previous concerts and in promotional photos.

The shows were very different from one another, both in terms of the music itself and in how the audiences responded to each band. In many ways, YACHT is a successor to conceptual new wave bands like DEVO and the B-52s. They’re art nerds with a chick lead singer who use cult imagery and capitalist symbols to keep the dance party going. Some of the audience got this while others wrapped their arms around amplifiers to steady themselves through a drug trip. A fair number of audience members hooted at Evans, and it was interesting to see her at once play with her sexuality and openly disdain others’ objectification.

"towering infernos: ema’s erika m. anderson and yacht’s claire l. evans" on Feminist Music Geek

The YACHT Trust is a loose organization of people committed to furthering and administering the tenets of the YACHT Mission. They are like the Knights Templar of YACHT; valiant in form and deed, but separate from the band itself.