You guys have a predilection for getting to the bottom of things: “The earth is on fire, Put a beautiful thing in a container and it ruins it.” If you had to write some new laws of physics based on the everyday science of contemporary experience, what would you propose?

This is such a great question. These are the YACHT laws of (meta)physics: 

  1.  The Universe is completely indifferent to all human pursuits.
  2.  The Universe is infinitely expanding. Ergo: any human can lay  claim to being the center of the Universe.
  3.  You are the center of the Universe, but so is everyone else. 
  4.  That means nobody can reasonably tell you what you can (or can’t)  do. 
  5.  It also means you can’t dictate anyone else’s reality.

From Interview: YACHT/Ace Hotel



Los Angeles, California


  • a musical band
  • post-internet mysticism
  • a multimedia dance sermon
  • a geo-specific iPhone app

The beautiful aliens of YACHT sat for a spell to talk to us about the sound the Universe makes and other real things.


You guys have a…

Your friends.

YACHT Is Much More Than A Band & We’ve Got The Pics To Prove It


YACHT at moogfest2014 | Photo by tonjethilesenphoto

The YACHT Trust is a loose organization of people committed to furthering and administering the tenets of the YACHT Mission. They are like the Knights Templar of YACHT; valiant in form and deed, but separate from the band itself.