Everyone is getting like 90% of the experience of any art through some kind of flat plane of LED, so whether you’re a whole team with a marketing budget and a nice office or whether you’re two people with a bootleg copy of Photoshop, the end result is the same if you do it well.

— Claire L. Evans, via Consequence of Sound, “Claire Evans: Creating Without Boundaries

Claire L. Evans at Coachella 2014, via Style.com.


Meet…YACHT’S Claire Evans
we’ve been known to sing along to YACHT’s infectious LA love song, “Shangri-La.” so when we headed to the West Coast, we called up our friend Claire Evans, the songstress behind our favorite lyrics (“If I can’t go to heaven, let me go to LA”), and asked her…


SURPRISE! We’re doing a super special thing w/ Classixx both weekends at Coachella! Meet us in the Mojave Tent on Sunday at 3:30pm! 🎈😍💥⚡️🌴✌️


Our new song with rac, “405,” is an ode to driving in Los Angeles. It’s OUT TODAY on his new album “Strangers.” Get it on iTunes here: https://itun.es/i66t8zJ

New YACHT/RAC song!


My YACHT phone case came in today!


My YACHT stuff came in today asdfasdf

The YACHT Trust is a loose organization of people committed to furthering and administering the tenets of the YACHT Mission. They are like the Knights Templar of YACHT; valiant in form and deed, but separate from the band itself.