PureVolume: Holy cow, I can’t believe you are embarking on your 10th anniversary! Jona, I remember watching you play in college dorm lobbies by yourself in Portland. Did you ever think this project would become what it is today?

Jona Bechtolt: I still think of YACHT as being close to, but not exactly what I want it to be. I feel like I haven’t gotten it just right yet, so I’m super grateful that everyone that comes to our shows and has our records don’t see it and hear it the same way I do! I hope that never being satisfied helps us keep it interesting and evolving.

from YACHT: The PV Q&A

The YACHT Trust is a loose organization of people committed to furthering and administering the tenets of the YACHT Mission. They are like the Knights Templar of YACHT; valiant in form and deed, but separate from the band itself.