YACHT at moogfest2014 | Photo by tonjethilesenphoto

Claire with Janelle Monae, Chuck Lightning, & Nate Rocket Wonder after their Moogfest panel last week. 


Chromat @ Coachella! Check out all the hot babes who graced the festival’s stage in their custom Chromat LEWKS:
(Hint: Ellie Goulding, YACHT & FlucT included)

Moogfest also included lectures and panels with futurologists, musicians, artists involved with technology and electronic-instrument pioneers. Claire L. Evans, a science journalist and the singer of the band YACHT, invited listeners to consider the kind of music that might be made by true artificial intelligence: a “symphony of pure data” that might be inaudible or destructive to the human brain.

(Source: yacht)

Everyone is getting like 90% of the experience of any art through some kind of flat plane of LED, so whether you’re a whole team with a marketing budget and a nice office or whether you’re two people with a bootleg copy of Photoshop, the end result is the same if you do it well.

— Claire L. Evans, via Consequence of Sound, “Claire Evans: Creating Without Boundaries

Claire L. Evans at Coachella 2014, via Style.com.

The YACHT Trust is a loose organization of people committed to furthering and administering the tenets of the YACHT Mission. They are like the Knights Templar of YACHT; valiant in form and deed, but separate from the band itself.